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Best way to view logs on a Mac.

Firewood lets you view, search, filter, and analyze your JSON and text logs on a Mac, with a friendly and convenient macOS native user experience.
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Find the Needle in a Haystack

Lets you sift through your logs efficiently with filtering by predicates, search, table sorting by any custom fields, bookmarks and more.

Industry Standard Formats Support

Out of the box support for default JSON formats of Pino, Winston, Logstash, Bunyan, NLog, Serilog, Google Stackdriver, CLEF and Log4J JSON.

Native Mac Experience

Enjoy the performance of a native app, familiar and well-working user interface patterns and a great integration into macOS.
One last thing... is full dark mode support!

Define Your Custom Formats

Create flexible custom format definitions easily and share them with others using format file export and import.

Command Line Interface

Open log files from your Terminal. Open logs by piping them from another process. Tail logs of a running process. All with the convenience of the Firewood UI.

Privacy and Security

Log files often contain sensitive information that can do a lot of damage if it gets into wrong hands. With Firewood, your logs stay on your machine and are never uploaded anywhere.

Right Tool For The Job™

When you are troubleshooting, you want as much information in your logs as possible and the best way to have that is to log in JSON.
However, this might create log files that are harder to read without special tools.

With Firewood your JSON logs are going to look great and you'll be able to find and analyze things faster than you ever did before.

Log Browsing

Use a table view of your logs to sort through the data. Put your custom fields into the table as columns.

  • Log Tailing
  • Sorting
  • Snappy Even on Big Files
  • Searching
  • Single JSON Document Mode
  • Native Tabs
  • Export Selection
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Dark Mode

Advanced Filtering

Construct filters based on your custom fields to narrow in on what you're looking for.

  • Compound Filters
  • Sorting
  • Filter by Timestamps
  • Export Results
  • Filter by Any Field
  • Tailing Support

Structure View

View the complete JSON structure of any particular log entry in a hierarchical view.

  • Tree View of the Structure
  • See Detected Field Types
  • Human-readable Timestamps
  • Sorting
  • Expand / Collapse Hierarchies
  • Quickly Filter by Field Values
  • Syntax Highlighted View of Pretty
    Printed JSON

Multiple Formats

With many default formats already supported and ability to create your own, you can focus on your task instead of tweaking the configs.

  • Common JSON Formats Supported
    Out of the Box
  • Clone & Edit Any Format
  • Create New Formats from Scratch
  • Export Format to a File
  • Import Formats
  • Support  JSON Array Elements as Log Entries


When analyzing the data, save important bits as bookmarks so that you can get back to them later.

  • Bookmark Any Entry
  • Bookmark Group of Entries
  • List of All Bookmarks in a File
  • List of All Bookmarks Across Files
  • Persisted Between Restarts
  • Bookmarks Manager

Command Line Tool

Trigger Firewood from the comfort of your Terminal, by using firewood command and providing paths to open or piping data into it from another processes.

  • Open One or Many Files at Once
  • Pipe Complete File
  • Continuously Pipe Output From a Process

Integrates With the Tools You Use

Firewood supports many popular formats and I will be adding support for even more all the time.
Didn't see the format you're using? Let me know!

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